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Quick Ladder Art / Craft for Parshas Vayeitzei

DSC04474Based on a “ladder” idea for Vayeitzei that I saw in Mommzy’s Montessori-based booklet of parsha ideas for Bereishis, I came up with this craft concept very, VERY quickly to occupy my kids and a friend who happened to come over last Friday for a 6-hour playdate (it wasn’t as gruelling as it sounds – I promise!).

I borrowed a picture of Yaakov sleeping from this PDF of parsha colouring pages at (I didn’t bother printing the rest of the picture, just used a PDF-to-JPG program to strip out that page, then used a paint program to cut out Yaakov, then used Word to paste three Yaakovs on one page so all three would fit on a single piece of paper.  Okay, that sounds like a LOT of work when I type it all out like that.  Trust me – it took about 2 minutes or less.

DSC04470The kids all enjoyed building the ladders and cutting out stars from yellow construction paper.  Gavriel Zev drew an alien above Yaakov’s head – that’s what he’s dreaming about.  Naomi Rivka wanted to do an angel, so that’s what she’s got, hanging onto her ladder.  Gavriel Zev also chose not to add clouds (just bits of my polyester fibrefill stuffing; I would have used cotton balls if I had any here) at the top of his ladder, so all three projects turned out different enough that the kids seemed pleased. 

Here are all 3 together:


Sorry it’s too late for this year… hope this project helps somebody NEXT year!