FREE Printable: “Winter” Reading List (based on Five in a Row)

A long, LONG time ago, I posted a link to a printable “summer” reading list I’d made up based on Five in a Row (FIAR), a popular unit-studies curriculum for ages 4-8 based around classic picture books that generally emphasize good stories and wholesome values.  Took us a bit more than a summer to get through the books, but eventually we did it, which felt really good. 

I’ve wanted to do the same thing ever since then for the books in FIAR2, the second “level” of the curriculum (there is a little-kids version AND a “beyond” curriculum for older kids that generally covers only 1-2 novels per year instead of 20-some-odd picture books.  And now, at last, it’s done!

As much as I like the idea of FIAR, this list is my pragmatic nod to the fact that we have absolutely no time or space in our lives to fit in unit studies, and probably wouldn’t be good at them even if we tried.  However, if you’re inclined in that direction, I have heard from others online that the actual FIAR program itself is excellent, especially if you have a range of very young kids, who really enjoy reading the books over and over again…

But in any event, if you can’t or won’t do the full program, you can use my list just as a short, workable list of books to systematically “get through.”  This printable reading list has one page with all the titles and “greyed-out” covers, then one page with the covers in colour and the flags of the countries where each book is set.  For Babar, I used a cloud rather than a country’s flag, to show that it’s an imaginary setting – and yes, it’s annoying that so many of the books are set in the U.S…. but what can you do???  The flags from the first one are at right, just for contrast:

image image image

For extra fun, and perhaps a few nickels and dimes for me, every book title and cover image is clickable – it takes you through to a copy of the book on to help you find them easily.  If you’d prefer, you can just click here to be taken to my Amazon “store” (it’s just one page) to browse the books directly.

Also, though I’m calling this one the “winter” reading list and the last one the “summer” reading list, in truth, both include the same header in the PDF, with the following “cut-n-pasteable” titles. Just pick the one for the season you’re in, OR if you don’t want to commit to a particular time of year, just choose the bottom one, which just says “Our reading list.”  :-)


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Enjoy!  As always, I’d love it if you left a comment, just to say “Hi!” or whatever…


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