Yet another uninspired picture study narration…

Blah.  This is for Mary Cassatt’s Children at the Shore:

In the back there’s an ocean and in it there are 3 boats. On the shore, there are 2 children who look very fat. After this painting, their parents are going to come in one of the boats and take them for a boat ride. I don’t like this painting because the kind I do like is very, very bright and no dark. On one of the girls, there is a ribbon on her hat; the other girl doesn’t have a hat or a ribbon. In the painting, some of the boats are sailing and some of them are just coasting. The girls are digging with a shovel and buckets.

Me, prompting… What kind of person do you think WOULD enjoy this painting, even though you don’t?

I think Mary Cassatt would like this painting but I don’t like it – maybe her friends would, too.

So much for Mary Cassatt being a good, approachable “first artist” for kids.  :-/

(we have studied her before… but Naomi Rivka’s mostly in a contrary mood at the moment and would say she doesn’t like anything I make her look at…)


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