Missed-Word Monday: Viola

This is a viola.

This is from a review of a plunger-based sushi maker on Amazon.com:  “This product is really easy to use. Cook the rice, fill…close, plunge, viola.”

This is from a review of a muffin recipe:  “Just add some cinnamon streusel and viola - awesomeness!”

imageHere’s a description of a playground in Australia:  “for a great few hours of fun… swings, a slide and some sort of climbing apparatus and viola! Happy kids!”

The word I think you are looking for, I believe, is…image




Sorry… actually, this one doesn’t annoy me at all – I’m just amused, in a geek-ish way, to think of folks shouting out the names of string instruments as they write their reviews.  “just press this little button and… Cello!”


  1. This made me laugh. I've seen this several times, too! ;)


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