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Sing the Alef-Bais Curriculum

image We have been singing one alef-bais song a week for the last 22 weeks… and here’s the complete roster of songs, with fully-vowelled lyrics!  These are very plainly laid out, and can be printed either big as posters, week by week, or small as a booklet.

I have included clickable image links so you can listen to “live” versions of each song.  In all but a few cases, these are the versions we sang ourselves, but there are many others, so feel free to substitute your own favourites.  There is no “alef” song because we just learned the alef-bais song the first week.  :-)

imageA couple of “cheats”:  the song for zayin is Yerushalayim shel Zahav; the song for ches is “Yesh li Chag” (but you can substitute a Chanukah song or Chad Gadya depending on the time of year); the song for reish is Amar Rabbi Akiva.  For a couple of letters (ayin, sin/shin) there are two choices.

As always, I certainly hope this is helpful to somebody, although, as with so many of my projects, I’m not exactly sure if it will be…!

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