Hot and Sour Soup – Kosher Style!

Update: February 4, 2015
This post has been moved to my fabulous new food blog.  I hope you'll join me there!


  1. Hi, im new to your blog. Where can one get kosher mirin in toronto?

  2. @Anonymous - hi, welcome! up until recently, I would have said snarkily, anywhere... but dh says he's having a hard time finding it now. But because it's rice wine-based, there's no inherent problem, so we're going to keep looking...! :-) (try Sobey's, and if all else fails, you can ask at Umami, too)

  3. TORONTO MIRIN UPDATE: It's probably not the cheapest, but my husband says they have this and some other Asian cooking essentials at Umami takeout on Bathurst.
    Plus, they now deliver!


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