Breakfast in Bed?

Naomi, under the influence of far too many Fancy Nancy books, has been wanting to present me with Breakfast in Bed for a few weeks now (don’t get me started on the Spa Day she prepared earlier this week…).

So today, she got it ready while I was asleep!  Coffee (tetra pac), Cheerios, fresh-picked berries, and a serviette tied with a length of yellow dotted ribbon.  How luxe!

 DSC03431 DSC03432 DSC03433 

Along with:  Mmmmmushy Cheerios!  Apparently, she poured the milk, THEN came to tell me she was bringing the Breakfast.  Then, I got up, puttered around for a bit before getting back into bed.  Big mushy mistake.  I mean, “Yum!”


The kids brought in glasses of breakfast cereal to keep me company.  They both thought this was an incredibly fancy way to eat cereal.


And then, of course, what comes after Breakfast in Bed…?  Schoolie in Bed!


Well, it was a nice way to wake up.  I feel loved, at any rate.


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