New Square Logo

No, not THAT one…

Not THAT one, either…

I have wanted a square logo for my blog for a while, for various sites, blog link-ups, etc.  So I did a square variation on the header at the top of the page. 

new blog logo WHITE

For anyone who’s wondering what the symbols mean, it’s actually pretty self-explanatory.  I just opened up the symbol/webdings/wingdings fonts and picked out a bunch that seemed to represent what goes on around here on a typical “day in the life.”  I ended up with: a family, shouting, parking = shlepping around by car, bicycle (we love bikes), late nights, eating and Jewy-Jewishness.

new blog logo complete squareAnyway, I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out, especially considering I was ready to pay someone on Fiverr for a logo design, and then I saw what they were turning out and figured I could come up with something equally bad for $5 less money…

That said, Fiverr is my new obsession this weekend.  I am on desperate to pay somebody $5 to do something… anything!

Oh – I made a red version, but I don’t like it as much…

Feedback, anyone???

UPDATE:  Based on the single piece of feedback I’ve received, I also created a full-colour version of the “stark” (I like it!) white logo above… I was thinking colourful, but not a rainbow, and I found this lovely background colourway, of which I used only a small section.  Hmm… I like the colour, but the bicycle and moon are a little faded-out in this version. FIXED!

new logo full colour 

More feedback?  Other than from people sitting behind me on the sofa as I type this…???


  1. Hmm... you're right, I don't like the red one either, but the white one is kind of stark. What if you used some colour in the text?

    You can pay me $5 to, um, sew something? Does NR need a pair of bicycle shorts? A bandana with giraffes on it?

  2. I like it, especially the rainbow one. The hyphenated "Adven-tures" is a little confusing for the first second, but I'm guessing that's how it has to be because of length. Otherwise, I like it!

    Where will you use this - like a button? I've been trying to get it together and get a button. But I have no photo manipulation software (in addition to having devoted very little time to it), so trying is as far as it has gone for me. So far.

  3. @Amital - button, yes, for linkies and I also needed a logo for my new facebook page. :-)


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