Wow! An unschooling perspective on Torah study / limudei kodesh

“…unschool, have fun, skip the drudgery, and pick it up over the course of two years when you are older -- IF you've been motivated to do so.”


Every once in a while, I come across something exciting in the Torah-blog world.  If I’m lucky, it crosses paths with my interest in homeschooling.  And if I’m super-duper lucky, it counts as a fabulous find that I want to ask all my readers to click through and check out for themselves.

This is from arijess over at Homeschool Chumash, a blog I read intermittently, and I feel super-privileged to have pulled it up in my blog reader today, of all days, when she has posted something I consider truly revolutionary.

I don’t disagree with her, by the way, even though I will likely not unschool any particular subjects.  I like teaching the kids, I like exploring with them, I like having a roadmap and knowing which way we’re going.  These are my limitations – or, perhaps, just my parameters: the things we should all know about me so we get along and learn okay together.

Whether or not I unschool myself, in a climate where kids are strapped into yeshivas from 8:30 am until 4:30 or 5:30 pm, from the very tenderest ages (and sent back for night seder once they’re old enough!), where boys are forced into gemara (some think) far too young, and pushed AWAY from every other subject within the realm of limudei kodesh (boys’ chumash?  boys’ Tehillim? boys’ navi?  – ha ha ha!  What do we think they are – girls???), I think we need to hear these voices crying out for a less-is-more approach, and finding serious sources to back us up.

Anyway, I’ve said enough and arijess says it way better.  Click here to read the full article.


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