Sunday, May 13, 2012

We like JUMP Math!

Here’s a quick video of John Mighton, the founder of JUMP Math, talking about the ideas behind the program.  As we get closer and closer to finishing the second book in the Grade 2 curriculum, I am astonished at how, slowly but surely, the math skills DO get covered.

Now, in terms of homeschool math curricula, this program might not cut it because it’s not BEYOND grade level, something many homeschoolers push for, sometimes without realizing it.  This may be where JUMP has gotten its “remedial” reputation in the homeschool world – that and its origins in math tutoring. 

But I would say, having now reviewed the material in the rest of the Grade 2 book, that it is definitely AT a grade two level, teaching math in a way that’s very effective not only for kids who have difficulty but for anyone looking for a curriculum that is a) easy to teach, b) incremental and c) kid-friendly, with very simple graphics and uncluttered pages.

The reason I was looking was that I had a chance to peek at another homeschooler’s curriculum bookshelf over the weekend we were away, and the Saxon math books they had actually looked very interesting.  So, of course, as usually happens when I become aware of another curriculum, I looked to see what JUMP math was doing and worried that it might not be comparable.  I came away most definitely reassured.

This is maybe not a program for you if you want your kids to be way ahead of the game, math-wise.  But if you want them to love math, and you want to have a reasonably good time teaching and learning it with them, JUMP is definitely a solid place to start.