Cranky Complaints-Lady Buys BOOKS! (or tries to)

And also

I got so irked at the stupidheads (word of the week, thanks to EC!) in the subway station today who, waiting for the Eglinton bus, couldn’t form a single lineup.  I was 2nd in line behind a very non-assertive Asian young woman (it makes a difference – if you’re 2nd, you want the front-of-line person to be as pushy as possible!), and by the time the bus actually came, I counted EIGHT separate lines to enter the bus – a bus, mind you, with only two doors.

Well, I said they were stupid.  Happily, the bus pulled up smack-dab right in front of the non-assertive Asian woman, who proceeded to let the folks in the lines to the right and left of her in front.  Bah. 

Then all the dumbos noticed that there were people actually ON the bus who needed to exit – the first of whom had a seeing-eye dog, so they reluctantly parted… giving ME the opportunity, in the wake after the passengers had gotten out, to move forward.  I only noticed afterwards that I’d accidentally gotten in front of the young Asian woman.  Whoops.  I could have waved her on first, but I’d probably have been trampled in the process, so I just got on the bus.

Perhaps I am as much a stupid as the rest of them, but here I was, a stupid with a seat, and happily, this still being kind of rush hour, when older people are too smart to travel, I didn’t see anybody more elderly or needy of a seat than I was.

So there we were, jam-packed bus, bumbling across Eglinton, stopping to let passengers out, and at every stop, people would try to get on and the driver would yell, “this bus is full!  there are two more behind me!” but they still tried to shove themselves on board, shoving and butting themselves into the impossibly tiny space at the front (and blocking the driver’s view), and leaving me to contemplate the ridiculousness of urban life and the dumbness of everybody there is (my sister Sara says: “ya gotta love people!”), and then, just as we pulled into the subway, the driver called out, “The time is now 8:57, and we are now arriving at Eglinton Station.  Have a great day at work or school!”

Hmm.  They don’t usually say that.  They are usually bus-driving machines, even more so now that they have an electronic voice that calls out the stops.  So I thought, okay, maybe the world is an okay place after all.

I let people get off ahead of me.  I thanked the driver.  I was careful not to poke anybody with my elbows.  I smiled more.

What a corny story… but still:  Did somebody make your day today???