Miscellaneous Memories of Pesach

Just a few things I was too busy to blog!

DSC02812First – are stickers getting STICKIER?  I had to take a bunch of things to the mikveh, and spent literally half an hour scraping labels off two pots.  DSC02815What do people do if they’re NOT toivelling their new things?  I assume they just wait and the sticker comes apart in the course of time after a few good washings?

The one here wasn’t QUITE so murderously hard… but just about.  The nice thing is that the mikveh now seems to stock “GooGone” fairly regularly.  The bad news is that I was using it with bare hands and it left the pots I was toivelling all greasy and stinky.  Of course, we wash everything when it gets home from the mikveh anyway…


DSC02811Heart-shaped matzah – thought this was kind of cute – in a dumb way.  It would be better if the matzah had the face of Elvis or Mother Teresa in the burnt markings.  We ordered EXACTLY the right amount of matzah: 7 pounds.  I thought we used it all up but we had a couple of pieces left over because I had regular matzah the last day at my mother’s house.


DSC02816And finally – being super-organized this year had one very nice perk… FRENCH TOAST!   This is Pesach sponge cake (potato starch; no gebrochts), dipped in egg and fried in a pan.  In years that I’m not organized, I don’t have time to make the cakes ahead of time and we just do without.  But since Pesach is the one time of year we can’t eat matzah brei, this makes a really nice change at breakfast from yogurt and homemade “mandelbroit.”

I serve it with honey, though jam would be nice.  Maple syrup would be nicer, but definitely not worth springing for the special kosher l’Pesach “pancake syrup.” 

I’m sure there are more memories that I meant to blog and forgot… it was a busy week, and a rather lovely one given my mood at the moment.


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