Menu Plan Monday – Pesach Edition!

image Chol HaMoed cooking!  Ted’s at work all week, and we have a busy schedule of fun-packed activities… kind of.  I have been inspired, to some extent, by Mommzy’s awesome week of Chol HaMoed menus over at A Jewish Homeschool Blog.  This menu is WAY heavier on meat than an ordinary week… because meat is just so much easier than the endless veg prep.



image Monday (today, just us) – Riverdale Farm:

  • Broccoquiche from the first days that never got eaten
  • Beet salad from yesterday that never got eaten
  • Soup – potato???

Tuesday (S family) – ROM (Royal Ontario Museum):

  • Leftover chicken soup
  • Meatballs (sauce???)
  • Mashed potato
  • Leftover Yom Tov desserts:  banana cake, ice creams

Wednesday (R family) – Science Centre:

  • Wing night; with drums for kids who don’t like wings – sauce?
  • Roasted root veg
  • Leftover Yom Tov desserts:  banana cake, ice creams

Thursday (Yom Tov – J?) – Kids’ Programs = Gymnastics, Swim, Homeschool Drop-In:

  • Chicken soup
  • Cabbage rolls
  • Veg kugel
  • Another veg?
  • Squash kugel (this one, but heavily adapted to be pareve, with fresh ginger, and I may make it with carrot instead this time around)

Friday (Yom Tov lunch – T family):

  • Squash soup
  • French toast (= fried sponge cake = yes, eggs fried in eggs)
  • Mushroom crepes (again, cuz they’re fabulous!)
  • Israeli salad

Shabbos (Yom Tov – Mommy, Aunt D):

  • Chicken soup (w/kneidlach?  if matzh left over and I get it ground before Yom Tov)
  • Kugels from Night #1
  • Another veg?
  • Shepherd’s Pie?

Shabbos Lunch:

  • Out at Mommy’s house to eat gebrochts!

Desserts to make:

  • More sponge cake (for eating, French toast, shortcakes w/strawbs)
  • Mandelbroit (blondies, baked in a loaf pan, sliced and rebaked)
  • Stacky squishy cake – inspired by Tiffany’s Rainbow Cookies at Frugal Gourmet Mom (here’s the actual recipe), I made a simpler, non-gebrochts, non-coloured, chocolatey, rip-off version using Pesach brownies, spread with raspberry jam and compacted in a pan with heavy tins on top to achieve the denseness (density?) of real rainbow cookies (though not for the full 24 hours).  In any event, they were delicious, and I’d like to try them again, still with chocolate, but this time with the proper apricot jam and a chocolate covering.  IF I get the time…


  1. The menu looks great! Your version of rainbow cookies sounds yummy! Thank you for mentioning me in your blog! Also, thanks for all of the ideas for lunch/snacks for the kids.


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