Last-minute teen cleaning

image Following up from last year’s hat system of teen task allotment in the week before Pesach, which has worked out VERY well once again this year, I created a list of last-day, last-minute chores for the big kids to follow up with. 




I print these out, cut them up into little tags, like fortune cookies, folded them, and toss them into a hat.

Fortune cookie fortune: “You da (trash), man!”

Clean the garbage bins, composter, brooms, sweepers and dustpans. Air them outside if you can. Did you remember the vacuum cleaner bag???

Fortune cookie fortune: “Gimme a break!”

Take a 15-minute break - unless it’s after 4pm!!! Put this task back in the hat for someone else.

Fortune cookie fortune: “Feeeeeeeed meeeeee!”

Take care of lunch for all kids, big and little – anything as long as there’s no chometz or matzah in it, and no dishes to wash. The toughest lunch of the year!

Fortune cookie fortune: “Some people think the kitchen is the heart of the home.”

Clean the bathroom – it’s not just Pesach, it’s Yom Tov, too!

Fortune cookie fortune: “Ohana means family.”

Areas that may have been forgotten! Bleachy scrub: phones (carefully), doorknobs, light switches. Run VERY dry (squeezed-out) bleachy cloth over keyboards. Five more areas that have not had enough attention (steppies).

Veg prep! What veg? How many? How cut?

Carrots: Onion:

Sweepo: Potto:

Zukes: Brox:

Cauliflower: _____:

Fortune cookie fortune: “The floor – it’s where it’s at!”

Tidy up the J, sweep the J. If it’s before 4 pm, mop the J.

Fortune cookie fortune: “Cover me!!!”

Use sticky paper and completely cover the coffee table, folding table and the shelf where we keep the haggadahs.

Fortune cookie fortune: “You always were a wise guy.”

Dvar Torah! Write an astonishing, insightful dvar Torah. Put this task back in the hat for someone else to try their luck.

Fortune cookie fortune: “Get outside!”

Using the outdoor broom, sweep the doorsteps and porch. Shake out any mat(s) you may find nearby. Crumbs gone, right?

So now I can sit back and have my last Starbucks ‘till after Pesach… just as soon as Ted gets back!  While you’re waiting with me, check out this Pesach (ten makkos/plagues) cartoon he and Naomi worked on together!


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