From Chometz…


… to Matzah…


It’s my annual Tinfoil Theme Park, as I always think of the kitchen when the stuff is everywhere.

Thinking about the Titanic disaster this week – because it’s everywhere! – the predominant message that stands out for me seems to be remembering not only the tragic loss of life, but the hubris – the Migdal Bavel, the Babylon, of false pride and puffery of which we are all supposed to rid ourselves at Pesach time.  What Yom Kippur is for the heart, Pesach is for the hands, the  mouth, the stomach: teshuvah in action.

And so it goes…

…From chometz to matzah;

…From hubris to humility;

…From bondage to freedom.

May it be a meaningful journey, one we are privileged to walk much farther on together.

חג כשר ושמח…A HAPPY, KOSHER PESACH from the entire MamaLand management, staff, crew, volunteers and assorted bales of laundry.


  1. What a beautiful post (and yummy looking challah, too!)

    Chag kasher v'sameach!


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