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Crocheted Kokeshi Baby Doll

DSC02906Although there are tons of free dolly patterns out there, I actually bought this pattern on etsy – I like the shape of imagethe body, and the idea of the removable outfit really appealed to me.  Mine turned out slightly more wonky – and very much less natural-looking due to the odd tints of yarn I had available.

imageThe pattern is modelled on a traditional Japanese wooden “Kokeshi” doll, which looks like the one shown on the right.   Though I have done it as minimalistically as possible, mine definitely lacks the “kawaii” factor – the utterly adorable cuteness associated with Japanese kitsch.

Still, I’m pleased with the way she came out.  And iimagen fact, especially with her odd colouring, and due to her armlessness, she looks very much like a VeggieTales character – not entirely a bad thing.

 DSC02914 DSC02915

Here she is, naked, but I think I will leave her outfit on most of the time, because it’s a bit tighter around the neck than I had anticipated.

Any suggestions for a name to go along with her personality???