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Big מצוה Note! (boy)

Dug this out of the RonyPony Archives, though technically, they are not the RonyPony Archives, because the RonyPony Baby is only 7 and this note is from 10 years ago, April 2002.  And honestly, he looks so babyish in these pictures that it could have been from earlier than that.  He doesn’t look 7.  Here’s the corresponding (read: cut n’ pasted) mitzvah note for EC.

Yerachmiel Meir was so busy over the פסח break… 

image imageBefore פסח, he:

· helped clean around the house

· tidied his toys

· read and practiced the הגדה

· helped finish our “חמץ-dik” food – like chocolate!

During פסח, he:

image · said “מה נשתנה” and sang all songs plus הלל loudly and beautifully!!!

· contributed דברי תורה and fascinating insights

· image listened nicely without interrupting

· found the Afikoman both nights!

· visited Riverdale Farm to see baby chicks, lambs, and goats

· brushed up on his mini-golf skills

· went to בית כנסת for ברכת כהנים

After פסח, he:

image · learned פרשת שמיני and discussed it

· sang really loudly on שבת

· played nicely at his friend’s house

· happily ate חמץ once again!!


image I bet Yerachmiel Meir can’t wait for next פסח!!!




For more on the lost art of mitzvah-note-writing, see this article I wrote for Jewish Action magazine.