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Big מצוה Note! (girl)

In the interest of equal time, this is the mitzvah note I wrote for EC going back to school after the Pesach break at the same time as I wrote the one for YM that I just posted.  As you can see by comparing the two, I was a big fan of copy and paste, even waaay back then!  I love this first picture because there’s Ted, way back when.  We’ve only been married 8 years; sometimes I forget that he was around for a long time before that, until I look at pictures like this and remember that he was, um, “in the picture” long before that.  All I can say is, marry a guy who adores your kids because otherwise, he will murder them when they hit, oooh, 15, 16, 17, 18???

Elisheva Chaya was so busy over the פסח break…


Before פסח, she:

clip_image002· scrubbed around the house

· tidied her room

· read “גילה שואלת מה נשתנה”

· helped finish “חמץ-dik” food – like macaroni!

clip_image006During פסח, she:

· said “מה נשתנה” and sang beautifully!!!

· answered all the פסח questions sent home – and quizzed everyone else, too!

clip_image008· stayed up late for both סדרים

· clip_image010visited Riverdale Farm to see baby chicks, lambs, and goats

· dreamed of eating vanilla doughnuts!

· went to בית כנסת for ברכת כהנים

After פסח, she:


· learned פרשת שמיני and discussed it

· sang really loudly on שבת

· happily ate חמץ once again!!


I bet Elisheva Chaya can’t wait for next פסח!!!




Am I the only one feeling nostalgic this Pesach over how big the kids have grown, and how quickly???