The Weather Around Here

How do I get time to post in the middle of the day?  Send the kids outside to run around in the 7° sunshine!

If I believed in karma, or mirthful weather gods, I might fear that we have a cruel and stormy summer ahead, because this winter, and here I really should use quotation marks to make it “winter,” has been unlike any I can remember.  Looking back at February, I can see only TWO days where the high was below zero.  Usually, I suspect, it’s almost ALL the days.  January was a bit colder, but still – highs above zero on 21 of 31 days.

DSC02540On Monday, just Naomi and I went down to the lakeshore to the National Ballet for an open class in honour of Family Day.  After the class, which was led by a real – and very pregnant – ballerina soloist from the National Ballet company, it was simply too beautiful down there to come home.  So we hung out along the boardwalk, checking out the hundreds of probably-shvitzing ice skaters at Harbourfront.  It felt like everybody in the city was there… and no wonder.  Look at that water; look at that sky!

 DSC02548 DSC02549 DSC02556 DSC02557

(I realize she looks very bundled-up in these photos… I assure you, there was no need for such wrapping, and my own coat was flapping open.  The sunglasses, however, were very necessary; it was so bright that I couldn’t actually see these pictures in the LCD screen when I took them with the sun behind me.)

Anyway, yesterday was cold and rainy/sleety/slushy … and now it’s back up to 7ish and sunny.  To my future self, the summertime me who will surely be dealt a freak snowstorm or ice shower, I apologize.  This amazing weather feels like buying on credit; I don’t believe in karma, but in the back of my mind, I believe someday we’ll be paying for all this beauty.

How’s the weather by you?  Are you stuck somewhere having our miserable winter for us?


  1. Wow, that's a different perspective, thinking of 7 degrees as nice weather. We have had a warmer winter than usual though. Although, your post makes a high of 53 seem toasty warm!

  2. @Kathleen:
    You do realize that - like everywhere in the world except the US - we use Celsius here, right? That makes a difference. So 7° to the rest of us is around 44°F to you guys... :-)))


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