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Short Parsha Riddles: Yisro / Yitro / יִתְרוֹ

שְׁמוֹת / Shemos / Exodus 18:1-20:23

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By the way, I am definitely looking for feedback on these?  Are they too hard?  Too easy?  Better for kids, or adults?  Let me know so I can keep on getting better and better!

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Art Credit: Moses and Jethro by Frank Harmon Myers (1899-1956)


We don’t know if Moshe liked taffy or fudge,
But we do know that he felt pressured to judge,
Till along came __________, on his G-dly mission;
Made Moshe choose helpers with great intuition!


The mountain was lovely, a sight to behold,
But b’nei Yisrael were carefully told,
Don’t go up there at all past the fences you see,
Or else you might __________ there, in great misery!


In the animal kingdom, each kind has the knack,
Of carrying babies in front or on back;
But b’nei Yisrael are Hashem’s children, too,
So he carried us just like these animals do.

[4] – BONUS!

When Moshe related all that had transpired
To bring out the Jews (and boy, were they tired!),
The Torah says Yisro rejoiced, it’s true,
But some say his __________ proved he felt blue.


STUMPED?? Here are some answers: 
[ 1 ] Yisro.  Or Yitro.  Or Jethro!  Or any one of the other six names Rashi lists in 18:1:  Reuel, Jether, Jethro, Hobab, Heber, Keni, and Putiel.
[ 2 ] Die.
[ 3 ] 19:4 Hashem carried us “on eagles’ wings.”
[4 ] Goosebumps – Rashi on 18:9 offers a midrash suggesting that the “hidden” root of the word “rejoice” contains the same root as goosebumps, proving he was upset at the fate of the Mitzriyim (Egyptians).