Short Parsha Riddles: Yisro / Yitro / יִתְרוֹ

שְׁמוֹת / Shemos / Exodus 18:1-20:23

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By the way, I am definitely looking for feedback on these?  Are they too hard?  Too easy?  Better for kids, or adults?  Let me know so I can keep on getting better and better!

Copywork and parsha activities – something for every week of the year! 

Art Credit: Moses and Jethro by Frank Harmon Myers (1899-1956)


We don’t know if Moshe liked taffy or fudge,
But we do know that he felt pressured to judge,
Till along came __________, on his G-dly mission;
Made Moshe choose helpers with great intuition!


The mountain was lovely, a sight to behold,
But b’nei Yisrael were carefully told,
Don’t go up there at all past the fences you see,
Or else you might __________ there, in great misery!


In the animal kingdom, each kind has the knack,
Of carrying babies in front or on back;
But b’nei Yisrael are Hashem’s children, too,
So he carried us just like these animals do.

[4] – BONUS!

When Moshe related all that had transpired
To bring out the Jews (and boy, were they tired!),
The Torah says Yisro rejoiced, it’s true,
But some say his __________ proved he felt blue.


STUMPED?? Here are some answers: 
[ 1 ] Yisro.  Or Yitro.  Or Jethro!  Or any one of the other six names Rashi lists in 18:1:  Reuel, Jether, Jethro, Hobab, Heber, Keni, and Putiel.
[ 2 ] Die.
[ 3 ] 19:4 Hashem carried us “on eagles’ wings.”
[4 ] Goosebumps – Rashi on 18:9 offers a midrash suggesting that the “hidden” root of the word “rejoice” contains the same root as goosebumps, proving he was upset at the fate of the Mitzriyim (Egyptians).


  1. My 10 yr old likes doing them. My 8 yr old hasn't tried hers yet. I'll update when she gets hers done :)


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