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Short Parsha Riddles: Beshalach / בְּשַׁלַּח

שְׁמוֹת / Shemos / Exodus 13:17-17:16

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When b’nei Yisrael left Egypt for home,
They didn’t forget that wherever they’d roam,
To carry the __________ of Yosef they cared,
And so at the edge of the sea they were spared!


The sea was in front and the Mitzriym behind,
So you can’t pretend that the Jews didn’t mind;
They wanted to leave but were scared to proceed,
Till _______ ben _______ jumped right in to lead!


[Note: in Hebrew, the word for “manna” is מָן / “man” and  it’s pronounced, depending on where you’re from, either to rhyme with “fun” or “swan.”  Almost any pronunciation except the English word “man” is fine!]

What was the man?  Well, we may never know!
There’s nothing left now that we still have to show,
But we do know it came every day except one,
And that day was __________, and then there was none!


When Amalek struck in the desert so dry,
B’nei Yisrael just felt ready to cry.
Their strength was depleted, but they won, it would seem,
Because Moshe’s __________ were held up by his team!


STUMPED?? Here are the answers: 
[ 1 ] Bones.  A midrash on Tehillim 114:3 – “הַיָּם רָאָה, וַיָּנֹס,” the sea saw it and fled – asks what the sea “saw” to make it flee?  One answer says this refers to the aron, the casket bearing Yosef’s bones.
[ 2 ] Nachshon ben Aminadav.
[ 3 ] Shabbos/Shabbat.
[4 ] either arms or hands is correct.