Cranky Complaints-Lady Buys BOOKS! (or tries to)

Don’t let your babies grow up to be cowboys…

cowboy2…Unless they tell you about it by Tu b’Shvat first!  a6Since I had kids, it has always been the OFFICIAL rule of this household that Tu b’Shvat is the date by which you MUST choose your Purim costume.

More importantly, it is the date after which, you may not CHANGE your Purim costume.

horse2Maybe around Simchas Torah, you thought you might want to be an alligator… maybe around Chanukah time, you thought being a chef or a farmer would be cool.

But now it’s (almost!) Tu b’Shvat, and if you want to be a flower-selling girl, horsey or ninja,  that’s completely FINE with me. Just decide, and stick with it… because you aren’t changing your mind after today!

(By the way, YES, this rule applies even if I have made no actual visible effort towards purchasing or making a Purim costume.  The creative process is complex and meandering, and should not be interrupted at any time!!!)

(Here’s me and my sister Sara last Purim!  Catwoman vs Angelic-Woman)

ted's Purim 035   ted's Purim 007

And from the Archives!

I think this was Ted’s very first Purim with our family… I’m dressed as the Kohein Gadol, my favourite costume of all time.  The big kids were a pirate and Queen Esther (her choice – I would never, ever, EVER make a kid dress up as someone from the Purim story, which was the rule when I was growing up… because, of course, we could dress as whatever we wanted for Hallowe’en!!!)