Deep thought

Naomi stayed home from shul this morning, “sick,” in quote-marks because, honestly, she’s much healthier today than any day since Tuesday.  But it’s been a stressful week and she HAS been sick, so no big deal.

At one point, she was in the bathroom and I was having breakfast.  I heard a flush and then a pause and then… “Mommy, I think there’s a problem with the water?”

Of course, I didn’t get up.  I called to her, “what kind of problem?”

“It’s just… DEEP.”  Oy. 

With 6 people using the almost-100-year-old plumbing in this house, sometimes the toilet backs up and indeed, it can be a bit… deep.  But of course, still not panic time. 

I called again, “Did that happen when you flushed?”

“No, not the toilet.  The water’s in the bathtub.”

“Oh.  Okay, just pull the plug.”

“The water’s cold.”

“That’s okay.”

Sound of plug-pulling, water drains, all ends well.  Good thing I didn’t panic and actually get out of my chair!


  1. At least you didn't need major repairs.

  2. I'm always SO relieved when the problem turns out to be the simple kind and not the real problem kind.


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