Baltimore / Washington on the Super Duper Cheap

image I’m hoping hoping hoping to take at least one big kid with me to the Torah Home Education Conference in Baltimore on May 6th.

MegaBus is opening up tickets a day at a time, so I think by Wednesday, we’ll be able to buy our tickets to get down there.  If you get them right when they open up, it’s only $5-10 per ticket (each way).  But here’s the plan… buy however-many tickets to Baltimore on Sunday, then buy the same number of one-way tickets BACK on Monday, from Washington. 

After the conference, we would have dinner at David Chu’s China Bistro (after reassuring Elisheva that they DO have other food that isn’t Chinese) and hopefully crash at a friendly stranger’s house in Baltimore.  (Sleep in a bed!  Have a shower!  Last year, I changed on a city bus and washed my face in the bathroom of the Baltimore JCC, so that would be way better!)

imageThen… in the morning, we could take a train to Washington and spend the day checking out FREE cultural amazingnesses of all kinds.  Like:

  • the Zoo!  (weather permitting, but I love this zoo… last time, I followed an Amish family for an hour)
  • Air and Space Museum
  • National Gallery of Art
  • And in between, find time for historic sites like the Washington Monument and/or Lincoln Memorial at dusk… without overwhelming everybody and running into our usual mutual crankinesses.  Well, I can dream, right???  I think I’m compressing several days of my own childhood family vacation into one day of memories…

Finally, we’d find some cheap kosher food and make our way to the bus station for our late-night overnight bus home!

So…grand total:

  • Bus fare (3 people, return):     $60
  • Homeschool conference:  $30
  • Kosher restaurants:     $100
  • Snacks on bus trip:  $20
  • The experience of a lifetime with my well-behaved, non-squabbling teenager(s):  Priceless!!! + $210 = $210.

And hey, for anyone who thinks this is the cheesiest “vacation” plan ever, you are welcome to sponsor us for a longer getaway!!!


  1. Sounds great! FYI, the Washington Monument was damaged by an earthquake and it has been repaired yet.

  2. Oy! That's terrible! I honestly had no idea... :-(((

  3. Come stay with us in Silver Spring! We, too, have kosher food and such and you can hop on the Metro and be at the Mall in less than an hour!!!

  4. Are you speaking at the conference?! Wow! Now I really wish I was able to make it. Do you know if any of it will be recorded and posted online?

  5. Hmm... I believe it has been in past. If not, I'll write the whole thing down and share it here. Actually, I meant to do that last year, but then I didn't. It wouldn't have been the same. ;-)


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