Welcome, Reader #80!

imageI rarely call attention to these little milestones, but I noticed today that sometime over the weekend, I passed 80 followers.  This is very happy news!

Because now I can reveal my top-secret plan to… well, okay, I have no plan.

But I do have some nice new ruby slippers to unveil (as seen originally on my birthday wish list)!  They look weird, kind of saggy-baggy, but I assure you, they are made of wool and supremely comfortable.

 DSC02145 DSC02143 

Nice and comfy – yay! I wanted lace-up shoes because – since reading FlyLady (hey, I said I read it, I didn’t say I live it!) – I don’t feel “together” without lace-up shoes.  The truth is, the laces aren’t necessary; there’s elastic on the inside.  But I do feel more organized once I’m laced up and ready to “take on the day.”

So there it is – my Deep Thought for the day.  Which is… welcome, reader #80!!!  (and everyone else who hasn’t been formally welcomed)


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