Cranky Complaints-Lady Buys BOOKS! (or tries to)

Three new FREE printables this week

Three new printables this week, free and fun!

1) Parsha Worksheets.  First, for Parshas Vaeira, a 3-page printable that includes a one-page overview of the parsha story (same as the one I wrote last year), a narration / illustration page for the child to complete with or without help, and a cute mini-book (taken from the Pesach lapbook) with a song for learning the Ten Makkos / Ten Plagues (to the tune of “This Old Man”) in Hebrew or English, which can be cut out and pasted onto the narration page as a keepsake and memory aid.


2) Letter Gimel Cut/Paste.  Second, this is part of Gavriel Zev’s alef bais explorations now that we’re up to gimel, a simple sheet that lets kids decide if an object is “gadol” (which starts with gimel) or “katan”.  I made this for Naomi Rivka, but Gavriel Zev loves cutting and pasting so much…!


3) Canadian Currency Posters.  I almost forgot!  These Canadian currency posters appeared here during Chanukah last year, but I have updated them with a more general look and feel.  They are in .docx format, so you can modify them in any way you like!



  • To download the Gadol/Katan cut-paste worksheet or the Canadian currency posters, plus dozens (hundreds?) of other General Studies printables in Hebrew and English – including science, art and music resources, Ambleside composers and artists, click here and scroll down.
  • For parsha worksheets and other Limudei Kodesh (Jewish Studies) activities including weekly parsha copywork and holiday resources, click here.