Shufflin’ Off…

Our day in Buffalo, just me and big girl!

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What’s in Buffalo, you ask?  (actually, technically, Niagara Falls, but I don’t really get where the borders are around there… we just go wherever’s closest to the border crossing)

Grits, condensed soups, and “cheez” galore!!!

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Fun new discoveries!

My favourite cream at Dollar Tree:


In fact… all of Dollar Tree!  OMG, the candy you can buy for $1!  No wonder it’s a nation of fatsos!

The cereal aisle was a bit of a disappointment, but Kellogg’s has this new “pillows-o-chocolate” offering that seems ripped off directly from the shelves of an Israeli grocery store:


Oooh, and this Malted Milk drink mix I’ve never seen before which tastes almost like Horlicks.

 DSC02103 image

Not a new discovery, but for fakin’ bacon, there’s really nothing like Bac-O’s!!!


imageOther “staples” that made the trip well worth the $19 we got dinged at Customs:  Fleischmann’s pareve unsalted margarine (sticks!), pair of shoes for Elisheva, $2.99 classic Pyrex pie pans, $1.98 candy thermometer, and undershirts – genuine vest-type undershirts for both Naomi Rivka and Gavriel Zev; I have been searching forever and they are impossible to find here.  Those came from Target (see above), where I’d never been before.

But oooh – wanty!  A stop in the Coach outlet convinced me – momentarily, you understand, and I have since recovered – that I will absolutely not be able to survive a day longer without this bag:


It was on sale for something like $70, and it’s not available for less than about $125 online, so I guess it was a great deal… sigh.  Nevertheless, I survived and life goes on.  It was just a surreal moment for both of us, because I’m not really a “bags and shoes” kind of gal AT ALL.

Anyway, it was beautiful weather for driving and we even stopped and saw the falls (Canadian side, of course!), and the beautiful lights of Niagara Falls, and still made it home in time for wing night with my beloved and bickering family.  I have been promising a mommy-big-girl trip to Buffalo for SO long, and she’s been asking for so long.  So now it’s done and good times were had by all (except some minor skirmishes over who’d control the MP3 jack when).


  1. That sounds awesome!

    (but you know, the Fleischmann's unsalted pareve marg sticks are at Pat's no Frills.)

  2. What fun. I got my giant "fanny (front wear) pack" at a Coach outlet. I pack everything in it including my camera.
    A numbr of years ago I got pie dishes like that in Big Deal, Jm, and use them a lot for "fleishig."

  3. I love the Van Heusen store at the outlet mall. Dress shirts for $15? Beats Moores by a mile.

  4. @Garnel: Yeah, but you're an hour closer to the border! For dress shirts, Value Village is IT. Seriously, the quality is sooo good and they are SOooo cheap and you just have to not think about the dead guys who used to wear them.


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