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Happy Birthday, Sweet 16

Almost a week old already, but I’ve been sick all week and haven’t had a chance to get pics off the camera until now.

Just what every 16-year-old girl wants… her parents riffing endlessly and tiresomely on the Harry Potter theme!  First, a handpainted-by-Mommy (that would be moi) DIY puzzle - “Wish you a Very Harry Birthday!”

DSC02047 DSC02048

Baked potatoes slathered with chili, sour cream, cheese, chives (supper by special request of the birthday girl!)… slathered all over Harry’s handsome punim and served on a charming Harry n’ Pals tablecloth:

 DSC02054 DSC02056

At birthday girl’s reqeust, I baked a Cherry Chip mix cake with store-bought Cream Cheese frosting (you will notice there are no pictures of Birthday Girl in this blog post… that was ALSO her very special request!).

Ted and the kiddies then embellished the cake with custom-Harry Potter-themed embellishments, such as this attractively glazed square of chocolate, and a couple of leftover Chanukah gelt pieces with colourful frosting, glaze and sprinkles.

 DSC02059image image

Happy 16, sweet baby girl!!!