Birthday Gnocchi

DSC02130I get hungry just looking at these pictures!  Very time-consuming to sit down and make these on Thursday night, but oooh – ever-so-rewarding to eat.

I used six whole organic baked potatoes (once baked, scoop middles out for the recipe and let the kids devour the skins with butter – zero cleanup!), plus two cups of frozen pumpkin mush, loosely following this recipe (so no cinnamon), but not quite so shmancy.  Next time, I’d skip the recipe.  Mix the potatoes, pumpkin, one egg, and enough flour to make it into dough.  Let sit 20 minutes or so, roll into log. 

Prod with a fork until they resemble mutilated marshmallow peanuts (remember marshmallow peanuts?).

Lay out on lovely tight-woven, well-floured couches (aka flour-sack towels) to let them dry a bit before boiling.

DSC02127 DSC02128 

Groan, beg your loyal husband to boil and toss them in butter while you sit and play Bejeweled. 

Await your birthday feast!  Mmm….


  1. YUM!

    You know, I was so excited the other day - I finally found packaged gnocchi that had a hechsher! Unfortunately, I woke up from that particular dream... and I was really p.o.'d.

    I shall have to try making those one day.

  2. Sobey's, seriously. I should have Ted buy you gnocchi and you can buy me margarine.


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