Working on the Chanukah Lapbook!

We’re doing something a little different with the Chanukah lapbook this time around.  I bought this colouring book, The Sooper Dooper Most Amazingest Channukah Coloring Book, which, despite the name, is actually a pretty good retelling of the story and customs, especially at the price you pay for a colouring book, compared to those big expensive Jewish kids’ books.

So I thought I’d have Naomi Rivka colour the pages of the book and stick them in a duo-tang, interspersed with cardstock pages adorned with bits and pieces from the new Chanukah lapbook.  A little bit slowed down by our late-ish start, but it seems to be coming together nicely.  Not sure how the colouring side of the project will go, because Naomi simply does not like colouring.  I may be forced to let her watercolour the pages, though I didn’t want them to get all wrinkly.


Here she is cutting and pasting some Maccabees…


I was thrilled to get Gavriel Zev in on the action.  He sorted these little “Eight Nights” tags and then, after I sang a few verses of the “How Many Candles?” song, he drew in the right number of candles on each of the nights’ tags.  Then, we hole-punched the “tags” (they’re just printed on paper), one of his favourite things, and finally added a brad to hold them all together (another favourite activity).


Fun!  You can hardly tell that they’ve both been sick off and on all weekend.  Mostly off… I guess we’ve been lucky.  But apart from a bit of math, this was all the schooling my kids got today.


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