Still postal…

(Do people now use the expression “going postal” every time they have a kvetch about the mail service???  Have I become that much of a cliché?)

Anyway.  In case you were wondering after Monday’s heartfelt plea to Canada Post to explain why the heck it was taking four days to deliver an overnight package… it has now been SIX days and the parcel is still not here.


It seems from the Canada Post website that we are making progress:  instead of being in Mississauga, the parcel is now… um, nowhere.  This doesn’t instill confidence. 

After a busy and full day of “processing” for our box yesterday (sheesh, that’s a lot of processing), my hopes soared this morning when I saw that at 8:14, it had gone “out for delivery.”  By suppertime, it still wasn’t here.  When I checked again now, it reports that as of 6:58 this evening, the box has been “redirected to recipient’s new address.”  For the second time. 

Two is quite a lot, considering that we have lived here for 6 years this week.

I told Ted that unless his mother “wrote something really wacky on the box,” we should demand a full refund.  He assumed I was insulting his mother, and insisted that she had very neat handwriting.  Indeed, she does.  But somebody at Canada Post is asleep at the switch – or maybe still reeling from that awesome government-style holiday party.


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