Snow Day!!!

Just in time!  Apparently, it would have set some kind of record if it hadn’t snowed in November, but on Wednesday, it finally snowed.  We were having a “homeschool jammie day” but that didn’t stop the kids from running outside to play.

DSC01743 DSC01749 DSC01751

Once Naomi Rivka was more appropriately attired, I let her go out and build a snow city.  I warned her that it probably wouldn’t stick, but for a few minutes there, it actually looked like winter was on its way…



  1. Homeschool Jammie day! We do that more often than not.. :) Unless company is expected, then we must dress ourselves and appear civilized!

    As far as snow coverage - it is so much less than what is stereotypical in my mind for Canada! I simply just assumed that Canada would have significantly more snow accumulation than us here in the lower 48. :) Yet again I have learned something new- each day! :D

  2. We had our first snow over the weekend and it melted by afternoon. But it's snowing again today so maybe a little more will stick since the high for today is only 18 degrees.

  3. Metric system here - 18 degrees is a nice breezy spring afternoon. :-)))


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