Cranky Complaints-Lady Buys BOOKS! (or tries to)

No!!! Analogies highs and lows

I have no idea why she groans and kvetches for her analogies book (Prufrock Press’s First Time Analogies).  Okay, I do know:  she doesn’t like cutting and pasting.  She likes the analogies just fine and does well with them – if they were on the computer, it would probably be her favourite thing.  But cutting and pasting probably feels like a BIG step backwards when you are in Grade 1-1/2.

She asked me to take a picture looking happy after the sad, screamy one.  I just checked the timestamp - these two pictures were taken literally less than a minute apart.

DSC01835 DSC01836 

Here’s the sort of thing she was working on. 


I think this is the first sheet that was purely geometric shapes.  Usually they are objects, like a foot and a sock along with a hand and a mitten.  I joke that this is her pre-pre-pre-pre-SAT training:  “foot::sock, hand::???” or whatever notation they use for those analogy things.  I try to alternate analogies with one of the easy logic exercises from Color, Cut, Paste Logic (another one she hates cutting and pasting).  Generally, we only get one of these done a week; I add it for fun at the end of math time.

And by the way, because she did all the cutting and figuring out ahead of time, she finished the whole sheet exactly 4 minutes after the “weepy” picture was taken!


Done!  imageWe’re finished our Miquon “break,” by the way, and we’re back on track with our regular Math.  “Math class” has gotten a little more involved as her skills and “sit-ability” increases, and currently includes:

  • hors d’oeuvres – Verbal Math Lesson, Book 1, 15-20 questions
  • imageappetizer – Daily Word Problems, problem of the day; most of these are simple so far (except for one where a creature suddenly had an armspan “one and a half times its height” – huh? in grade ONE?!) but they demand that she rewrite word problems as arithmetic sentences, and for that, it’s extremely helpful.
  • imageentrée – JUMP Math 2.1.  This book starts out super-easy, and the review feels unnecessary because we just finished the Grade 1 books a few weeks ago.  Still – it’s math and we’re having fun with it.
  • imagedessert – logic.  Either Remedia’s Color, Cut, Paste or Prufrock Press’s First-Time Analogies, as seen in the screamy face picture above!