Cranky Complaints-Lady Buys BOOKS! (or tries to)

From Naomi’s Notebook…

Naomi LOVES her little Dollarama notebook!  As usual, when my back is turned, she’s busy learning more than I could possibly teach her.

Here’s one for anybody who says that the grammar stage (ie grades 1 - 3 or 4ish) isn’t all about memorizing and mastering facts that would make a grown person’s eyes water for how dry and boring they are.  She was SOooo impressed with her own ability to get from 10 to 0 in only a single page of solid arithmetic!


Okay, actually, here’s another for anyone who says they are not filling their “fact bank” at this age with things older, more sophisticated people might consider blisteringly dull, like the landforms of Baja California and Mexico:


This is a little mini geography lesson, including a detailed map – she’s copied the shape and mountain range from an atlas she carries around and reads for fun! – and a compass rose.  The other side shows women in a Mexican marketplace.

There are also pages and pages of parsha stories and pictures, along with spelling, vocabulary, you name it.  If this little notebook isn’t an argument for treading lightly with our kids’ education and giving them LOTS of free time (aka lazy parenting!), I don’t know what is.