Cast your vote: Latke Purist or Latke Adventurer???


Night owl poll below!!!  (owl image by Elisheva)

  After I've made latkes for our family party for at least the last 10 years, if not 15, my mother turns to me yesterday and says, "I'll make them... you don't make LATKES."

Apparently, including any veggies other than potatoes, even a trace, has disqualified – in my mother’s eyes – a lifetime of latke servitude.  (for more sad fun with me and my mother and parties click here)

So I’m curious about whether I’m alone as the Lone Latke Adventurer here in my world.  Here are the criteria, in my mind, for what qualifies you for which category:

  1. You’re a PURIST if, in your world, latkes (or levivot, if you’re an Israeli purist) are made exclusively of potatoes (does NOT include sweet potatoes), eggs, salt, pepper, oil, and perhaps a bissel flour.  (edited to include ONIONS – they must have onions!)
    1. Purist variant #1:  The potatoes should preferably be grated, ideally with knuckle-blood mixed in to prove it.
    2. Purist variant #2:  The potatoes should preferably be boiled, steamed or otherwise frightened into a puddle of mush prior to mixing.
  2. You’re an ADVENTURER if, if you had your way, latkes would always contain some kind of “colour element” and/or an additional flavour to contrast with the potatoes.
    1. Adventurer variant #1:  Variations should be traditional vegetables and the flavour should be one that would not have come as a total shock or surprise to my Bubby’s bubby.
    2. Adventurer variant #2:  Asian-fusion, French cuisine… whatever you can add to a latke to liven it up, the better.
  3. Oh, I thought of one more option in the name of inclusiveness:  You’re a HERETIC if you prefer your “latkes” without any potatoes whatsoever.  We all have our lines in the sand.

Cast your vote in the comments section below… if you dare!


  1. Definitely a purist. Other veggies are nice, but just aren't latkes for me. :) 1/2 pureed, 1/2 grated then combined with salt, flour, egg. Yum. Drooling already!

  2. I'm a purist but simply because I'm still a newby at making them. Although I saw a recipe for sweet potato latkes that I may try this year since it looked really good.

  3. I prefer just potato, but I can appreciate anything made well. Does that make me an adventuresome purist, or an adventurer with purist tendencies?

  4. Very creative post. Interesting twist in the latkeh. What abt the mom who buys 'em????

  5. I'm a purist, variant #1 - but no knuckle blood. We grate ours with the help of a cuisinart.


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