Dusting off the hair!

You can tell we’re going to a simcha when the sheitel comes down off the closet shelf.  The bangs are pretty much ruined, but all in all, it’s not the worst thing I could wear on my head, and in this particular crowd, anything else would stand out miserably.

DSC01647 DSC01650

Speaking of stuff on your head:

Look what I get for spending 17 years training the kid to wear a black velvet yarmulke.  He comes back from Israel with…


…a kippah srugah (literally, “knitted kippah,” although it’s technically crocheted).  :-o

So I added a new “word of the day”:  “srugie” – a noun which describes both the kippah and the male person wearing it…


(he says the word is derogatory… I maintain that it isn’t, if said with true affection)


  1. That does sound funny...dusting off the hair :)
    Whatever is wrong with the bangs isn't noticeable though.
    Kind of hard to tell all those riders apart unless they're right in front of the camera.
    I was wondering where you get GZ's kippah's?

  2. GZ's - like the colourful flowery ones? They're called Bukhari kippahs. His are Size 54. We just get them at a store near here, but almost any Judaica shop should know what they are and be able to order them. Here, there are two kinds - one is expensive, like $17, with a thick fabric and lots of fancy embroidery, and a cheap one for about $8 that is a thinner fabric and mostly black. Those are the ones we get.

    When I first bought those for YM, he was soooo happy because the others just weren't staying on his head. He exclaimed, "these are just DEEPER!"

  3. p.s. if you're at all handy with a sewing machine, you could try sewing one. It's a basic bowl shape... I made a bunch for YM in the days when I sewed.

  4. I might try sewing one. My son wears a crocheted one that is my husband's size because it is deeper and stays on better and that's what I liked about GZ's.

  5. "Srugie" is derogatory? That's how we've always referred to Mr. D's crocheted kippot. Hmmm... maybe just in the velvet-kippah yeshiva world?


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