Thursday, November 17, 2011

Dusting off the hair!

You can tell we’re going to a simcha when the sheitel comes down off the closet shelf.  The bangs are pretty much ruined, but all in all, it’s not the worst thing I could wear on my head, and in this particular crowd, anything else would stand out miserably.

DSC01647 DSC01650

Speaking of stuff on your head:

Look what I get for spending 17 years training the kid to wear a black velvet yarmulke.  He comes back from Israel with…


…a kippah srugah (literally, “knitted kippah,” although it’s technically crocheted).  :-o

So I added a new “word of the day”:  “srugie” – a noun which describes both the kippah and the male person wearing it…


(he says the word is derogatory… I maintain that it isn’t, if said with true affection)