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NEW! Chanukah / Hanukkah / Festival of Lights / חֲנֻכָּה Lapbook!

lapbook collage 
This NEW complete Chanukah lapbook PDF includes 19 fabulous mini-books (as seen in the sneak-preview collage above), a 9-page teaching guide, plus three pages of clip art (2 pages are original, hand-drawn by my talented husband Ted!).  There are activities for a range of ages, which makes it great for families with more than one child – or just skip the more advanced components until your child is older.  The only foldable I’d consider at all difficult is the “Candlelighting Brachot” circle book.  There are diagrams in the PDF, but I will provide step-by-step photo instructions if anybody needs them.  Finally, by popular demand, I have used entirely “Sefardi” Hebrew transliterations throughout this project PDF.
Visit my CurrClick products page to buy it.  (if I’ve promised you a free one, I will send it along in the next day or two)
NEW!  Click here to see a mock-up of the actual lapbook pages.
The 19 Fabulous Mini-Books in this PDF include…
* When is Chanukah?
* Chanukah Heroines (Judith and Hannah)
* Chanukah Brachot (blessings)
* Where do we light?
* Is it a kosher Menorah?
* The Story of Chanukah
* How do we get olive oil?
* Greek ideas / Jewish ideas
* The world of Antiochus
* Drawing my Menorah!
* Is it a Menorah?
* Awesome Stuff to Eat...
* Chanukah Gems mini-songbook (with links so you can hear the songs)
* What's that in Hebrew?
* My Dreidel - dreidel game shape book
* The Maccabees
* Lighting our days
* "Chanukah" means...
* STOP - Menorah rules!
* Three pages of clip art (2 original to this lapbook) to decorate your lapbook!
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