Jumping Ahead to Chagall

Just found out that our local art museum, of which we’re members, has an exhibit of Chagall, so I think we’ll take a break from our current Meet the Masters artist, Picasso, to learn a bit about Chagall.  It’s actually not THAT big a leap.  They’re both modern artists who started in a more traditional mode before veering off into cubism and – more for Chagall – surrealism.
imageDid you know that his name was really Moishe Shagalov? 
Here are some resources we’ll be using for Chagall, in the absence of a Meet the Masters script to make me sound smart-about-art!
image Here’s a “stained glass” window project that I think is utterly gorgeous – and I have certainly seen more than my fair share of fake stained glass in 42 years of parenting.  I don’t think it’s quite “do-able” for us at the moment, though I’m not sure why.  It might make a nice pre-Chanukah project, as well.  I like stained glass at this time of year.
In case you’re wondering why I mention 42 years of parenting:
  • 17 years of raising Yerachmiel Meir,
  • 15 for Elisheva Chaya,
  • 6 for Naomi,
  • plus 4 for Gavriel Zev…
Equals 42 years of parenting.  You can’t argue with math like that!
How many years have YOU been raising your kids???


  1. Hmm... around 5 1/2 years, all told. I feel like such a newbie.

  2. My parenting years...49, really 50 in a couple of weeks.

  3. Wow - well, that's got me beat.
    Though I do get 2 more years after the girls' birthdays this winter. :-)


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