Does this happen to anyone else? (homeschool pet peeve)

DSC01672 It seems like every single sheet we use has a space for "Name:" at the top of it.  More ridiculously, the Evan-Moor Daily Word Problems and other Daily sheets sometimes have TWO lines, one in the middle of the page (I suppose in case the teacher wants to cut up the page).
There is almost nothing I can do to stop Naomi Rivka from writing her name at the top of every single !%^# page.  (with some, she will write the date instead, but she will NOT leave that line blank)
Does this drive anybody else crazy, or is it just me?


  1. Teach her to write her name in cursive, in Hebrew, in Hebrew cursive, in Chinese or Japanese characters, it a typewriter font, with bubble letters, with cross-stitch letters. Have fun with it.

  2. We just had some worksheets like that too, with more than one name line. One of my daughters will get cute and start making up names. Mine do ignore them sometimes.


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