Fw: [Adventures in Mama-Land] New comment on Pics from the ALYN Ride.

Just to give you some idea the kind of spam I get... this arrived in response to my post about my son's Israeli bike ride pictures.  I think this text, which I shall title, "as spring begins" should hereby officially replace "lorem ipsum" as the standard graphic designer's fill-in text.
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Subject: [Adventures in Mama-Land] New comment on Pics from the ALYN Ride.

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Pics from the ALYN Ride":

As final analysis as spring begins begins the out-of-towner season, which makes it a whole clutch of people flourishing on trips to lau, in the mountains vulnerable the lake, both on foot and about car or, which is increasingly standard in modern years - a bicycle. We ought to remember, putting, that we requisite not, during these trips allow the devastation of creation, simplicity is the common moral which we should all defend and that we must be concern that to be to come generations can enjoy him and not just combustible in concrete jungles. We ought to remember that you be compelled not lower than drunk any circumstances and that being the case desecrate the milieu, inter alia, become trash or other wastes have to also clean up after their animals as familiarly as we should not appropriate them to open-handedly race through the [SPAM LINK REMOVED]nasze mazury to cud natury[/SPAM LINK REMOVED] forest, for two reasons - they would not lose, because reminisce over that domesticated fleshly in the forest he can not control as well as to delay the circumstances that our special will be startled uncivilized animals that alight in the area. Then, because we ruin kind, which on the everyone present is doing himself wrong the other involvement, risking the legitimate consequences associated with it. Foresters fetch and try to sensitize people on that in a forest is a allowance a a good of sites to which we may not fall, which should be avoided, or which are iffy as a replacement for us. Boars living spaciousness, payment standard, should be avoided deviating berth. Recognize that these are uninhabited animals and can readily root us harm if we do not indubitably careful and prudent with premeditation, or if we discretion want to approach them. Better stay away from such individuals, because ignoring the the score that they are not almost always combative, it may be that in changeless situations, allowing for regarding example, to defend ourselves and descendants commit oneself to to abuse us.


  1. Your spammer truly has a dizzying intellect. :o)

    Peace and Laughter!


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