Cranky Complaints-Lady Cooks Kosher-Style

No, not really... don't know why this one made me so cranky, actually.  I'm sure ads like these run all the time, but this one just set me off...
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I noticed your ad on page 5 of the Canadian Jewish News this week, and am requesting that you immediately stop using the phrase "kosher style dining" to promote your food services.
According to the Canadian Food Inspection Agency statement, which appears on page 38 of the same newspaper (it's in every issue), it is illegal to use the phrases "kosher style" and "kind of kosher" unless your company is serving food under the supervision of a recognized kosher agency, such as (in Toronto) the COR.  I assume this is not the case, or that symbol would appear in the ad and you would just use the word "kosher."
Moreover, the actual phrase "kosher style" is meaningless.  Though our family eats Thai, vegan, Indian, Chinese and sushi, they are all kosher because they are made with certified ingredients in a kitchen with separate sets of dishes for meat and dairy.  This is not at all what you mean by "kosher style," I'm sure. 
If you're interested in attracting Jewish clients who care about the food they eat, I highly recommend pursuing kosher certification, because "kosher style" is essentially an illegal way to say the food is NOT kosher.


  1. This post, too belongs in KCC. When I called a "kosher" restaurant in AZ, they said "kosher style." I was glad to have called first.

  2. I have a worse one.

    I attended a conference sponsored by one of the local reform temples and was informed that the food would be kosher. It wasn't. I asked about the meat and was told that it didn't include pork or shellfish, which made it kosher by reform standards. I saw one of the reform clergy eating. I had salad and left. Seems I have a different idea of "kosher" than they do.

  3. @Morah Betsy:
    You're LUCKY it didn't contain pork or shellfish... the reform movement has come a long way in the last hundred years!!!


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