FREE LAPBOOK CONTEST: Scenes from a Lapbook-in-Progress

imageThe Chanukah lapbook is almost finished…

Meanwhile – the first person to tell me what this public-domain picture represents and how it relates to Chanukah wins themselves a free copy of the lapbook when it’s finished!!!  (hopefully early next week)


  1. Looks like Chana and her sons refusing to bow down to the idols.

    You are amazing for actually finding the time and energy for putting these lapbooks together!

  2. Drat, or rather - I'm honoured that somebody so literate has joined us to play along! Your lapbook PDF will be on its way via email as soon as it's ready for sale at this end. Enjoy!!

  3. Thanks. It was actually quite prosaic. I've been reading Yaffa Ganz's Chanukah book to the kids recently and the illustrator must have used this picture for inspiration because her rendition was similar enough for me to recognize the resemblance. Picture study at work:)?


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