Argh – the phone!

imageI read something written by a homeschool mama who doesn’t answer the phone during school time.  Since I read that, I have been seriously considering it.  The downsides are many, including – I’m sure – the big kids’ complaints about their “lesser than” status compared to their beloved homeschooled siblings.  And then I think about the time last year when YM broke his arm and I was too busy nursing GZ to get the phone – so The Call went through to my mother instead, who had to rush out, meet the ambulance, and pick up his bike.

But then, when we have so many days when one or both of them interrupts me to find out what’s for supper, I seriously start to consider it.

Do you turn of the phone when you’re homeschooling…or for any other activity???


  1. tough call, but you don't have a secretary to filter calls

  2. I screen my calls and often if I do answer, I say "Hey, I'm in the middle of a lesson. OK if I call you back in half an hour?" Usually the person says yes, but once in a while I hear, "Mama I'm in the school nurse office" or "I am calling from Grandpa's hospital room." or something where I DO want to interrupt. But usually they say, "Oh sure. Call tonight, any time."


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