What you’re buying… and reading!

image Here’s what my blog readers have bought on Amazon.com in the past year… partly based on my recommendations, and partly on their own, but I was credited because they got there through my links.

Keep on clicking those book links.  Even if you don’t want the specific product I’ve linked to, if you buy within a certain (short) period of time, I get a tiny credit for that transaction anyway.

Here’s what folks have flocked from this site to buy on Amazon:

Two ancient history books I thought were slightly strange, but I guess others like them a lot:

More ancient history:

Step into Reading history books:

image Homeschool math books & supplies:

Jewish books, for homeschoolers or otherwise:

Baking & food books, probably referred by my baking blog:

General parenting books:

imageOther homeschool books and supplies:

And here’s the REALLY random stuff!

imageAgain, keep clicking those links!  This blog hasn’t made me a cent so far, but maybe 5772 is the year we can turn that around… :-)))


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