Ambleside Composer Fun: Free Mendelssohn Printable Mini-Book

image Well, it’s a bit late for September, but we’re still on-track with the Ambleside Online composer schedule, and we’ve moving on to our next composer:  Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy

album 001This is now our FOURTH composer (after Beethoven, Vivaldi, Chopin and Mozart), and unlike previous terms, instead of making up a CD of this term’s music, I’m sticking it all on my MP3 player.  So no photo of the cool CD!

For our last two composers, I found a wonderful, simple,old-fashioned living book for kids (by Thomas Tapper), took the public-domain text and formatted it as a nice, printable 14-page booklet, including a notebooking page.   However, there is no Tapper book for Mendelssohn, so I wasn’t sure what to do. 

I had already seen the book The World’s Great Men of Music, a public-domain book by Harriette Brower, but the text really didn’t look wonderful to me at first.  However… necessity being the mother of invention, and in the absence of other Mendelssohn resources, I finally decided to adapt the text to a reading level at or slightly above my kids’ understanding.  As with the others, there is a notebooking page at the end.  This can be printed double-sided to make a nifty minibook (except the notebooking page), or full-sized – whatever you prefer.


  • Download this or the other composer mini-books from my general-studies downloads page here.  (scroll down to Composers)
  • For Limudei Kodesh (Jewish Studies) printables, click here.

…And for more Mendelssohn resources:

I’d love to hear about any other books and resources you’ve found because these are just about as scarce as hen’s teeth!!!


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