Cranky Complaints-Lady Buys BOOKS! (or tries to)

What brings you here today? (another occasional search-engine roundup)

image By any measure (Blogger and Statcounter, which provide slightly different counts, but the trends are similar), September 2011 is blowing every single other month of blog activity completely out of the water – yay!  So far this month, at least 4129 of you (unique page visits) have stopped by, for a total of over 7,000 page views, bringing this month’s total even higher than it was in April for Pesach.

So what are you-all looking for when you get here???

  1. Of course, being FALL now and everything, many of you are looking for a maple leaf template.  And boy, do I have one for you – happy belated Canada Day, everybody!
  2. As always…  the memes are bringing some of you in.  Like the Depression meme, and now the Suicide (Prevention) meme.
  3. Sad, but true:  a lot of folks find this blog because they’re looking for pictures of stars.  Presumably to show their children?  Or print and use for various artsy-craftsy things.  Probably NOT because they are looking for a craft to go along with Parshas Lech Lecha.  Sorry, everybody!!!
  4. Here’s one I’m happy about:  parts of a plant poetry.  Now, that, I have!!!  Click here for more info about some of the best science poetry on this side of the planet!  Or click here if you just want to read the plant poems and be done with it.
  5. Rosh Hashanah… of course.  I bet you wondered when I was getting to that.  Coloring pages (but I and my fellow Canadians spell it colouring), activity pages (click the previous link), copywork… even a lapbook!  Oh, right:  many, MANY people want a kid’s shofar craft, and I do indeed have one!
  6. And, of course, now that everybody’s pretty much “back” in school (cuz we never left), there are tons and tons of homeschooling-related queries bringing you here… and I sure do hope you’ll stay and read along, even if it’s a little strange and unfocused around here!  What are you looking for in the homeschool world?  Some of our curriculum favourites that you’re googling include Handwriting Without Tears, Cuisenaire rods, JUMP Math, and Elemental Science (which we have actually dropped – we’ve switched to Apologia for various reasons I will explain someday perhaps soon).
  7. A LOT of people, or perhaps one very persistent person (and I could check, but I choose not to), is searching for invitation templates for sukkotHere’s one we used a couple of years ago.  But really, it’s not that far off.  Perhaps you could just pick up the phone…
  8. Finally, another sad one:  everybody is STILL searching for dinosaur math worksheets (oh, except one British person who searched for “dinosaur maths”).  I have a few of them, but really… can anybody else see a niche here?  This is like the #1 search, I think, if I add them all up, and all I have is a few puny pages.

Two more you’ll be happy to know about:

  1. I am currently #5 in Google’s ranking of results pages for scary banana facts.  That’s because I have a track record of killing banana trees.  Scary, but true.  Therefore… a scary banana fact.
  2. One searcher today was looking for a poem for pesach.  Ummm… I have one, but you might want to check this one out, too.  Bit more timely.

This navel-gazing post is only the latest in a series!  You can read previous web search roundups by clicking on the “roundup” tag below the post.  (Funny how that works…)

p.s.  If you like the bloggy little cloud above, you can make one of your own here at Wordle!