Twaddle of the First Degree

cut-outs 032In their spare time, my kids have been keeping themselves endlessly and ridiculously amused with these Mr. & Mrs. Potato Head Cut-Outs that I created for Gavriel Zev.  Turns out Naomi likes them, too, because she can make “Mrs. P.” as fancy and colourful as she likes.

So I decided to share it as a printable, even though it’s made up of bits and pieces scavenged from all over the Internet.  If any of these graphics belong to you, I apologize, but assure you that I am not making the least bit of profit or even having much fun making them available to my admiring public.  Just trying to spread the paper-wastin’ love…

image image image

There are three pages:  one with the potato “body shape” outline, one with generic / “Mr.” parts, and one with “Mrs.”parts. 

If your kids request something else – a party hat or beard or whatever, just Google it and print one out that’s about the right size!  Gavriel Zev has actually been having a great time pasting socks from the sock-match activity that goes with the poem “Diddle, Diddle, Dumpling” in Literature Pockets: Nursery Rhymes.

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