Cranky Complaints-Lady Buys BOOKS! (or tries to)

Too much information????

poster 009But what’s a Jewish homeschool mama to do?

We have not been very good about keeping track of calendar.  I would like to be better, and with a new season and a new YEAR starting in the next couple of weeks, it seemed like a good enough time to begin.

Last year, I attempted a “months of the year” board that did not work out very well.  We filled in a few months and then basically forgot about it.  Whoops!

Here’s one I made back in January of 2010.  We liked it enough, but I think the kids are old enough to start thinking about the date, season, etc.

From Scholar’s Choice:

We already had:

  • Hebrew days of the week (the green pocket these cards go into is very faded, so I think I’ll make a new one that is a bit subtler in the new setting…)
  • Hebrew “weather apples”
  • Skip counting sheets by Jolanthe at Homeschool Creations

Printed myself on cardstock:

Is this an eyesore?  Will we be able to keep it up to date?  Yes, the month only changes, well, once a month and the season only changes four times a year.  It just seems like SO much information.  Why has nobody designed an attractive, easy-to-use bulletin-board that contains at least some of this information, in Hebrew and English, to share in an elementary classroom or home setting???

So, ahem… Now that it’s here, can anybody offer suggestions to help make sure we USE this thing…?