The Skinny Lady Factory

image Visited the Skinny Lady Factory, aka Gym, for the first time today.   Naomi calls it the “Skinny Lady Gym” because of the skinny and somewhat rude “trainer” person who dissed me about my low level of fitness.  I call it the “Skinny Lady Factory,” because maybe the magic will work for me.

This was LITERALLY my first time.  I had never even BEEN inside a gym before 2 weeks ago when I walked in and joined.

Because fall and winter are coming, and I need to have a plan, a really GOOD plan, or I may never walk normally again.

(did I mention the cast is off now???)

So – here’s what it was – don’t laugh… at the moment, this IS a workout.  Oh, and I’m not even mentioning the effort of getting from the car to the gym.  What?  I just mentioned it…?  Oh, well.

  • 9 minutes basic treadmill (5+cooldown)
  • 5 minutes stationary bike
  • 4 minutes elliptical – couldn’t stand it for 5 minutes; too hard on my ankle, which is funny because I thought it would be easier than the other machines since it’s zero-impact
  • 5 minutes on the CyclePlus, shown above, which does arms as well as legs
  • 7 minutes stairstepper (5+cooldown)
  • 15 ab-machine thingies
  • 30 arm thingies
  • 15 different ab-machine thingies
  • 5 minutes basic treadmill

And then I grabbed the cane and hobbled home again. 


  1. Yasher Koach! I think that's quite a lot for someone who's been sitting out due to a fracture for as long as you have... and someone who wasn't "working out" before.

    Makes sense to me that the elliptical would hurt your ankle. It requires a fair bit of movement and flexibility in that joint.

  2. Great start! That actually sounds like a lot to me. I don't exercise much either but I started doing a light workout tape last week thinking I'd do it at least 3x a week. I've already missed a day and I just started!


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