Thursday, September 15, 2011

Political Spam Comments…

image Have all bloggers started getting these bizarre, semi-political messages as spam comments???

That’s fine for the House and Senate but for president, there is no way any conservative should vote for either Democrat that will be stuffed down our throats next year. The House is the grand prize. If we had someone like Jim Jordan as Speaker and more than the current 3 reliable conservative senators, the president wouldn’t matter.


Take me for example.  I could support Bachman, Cain, Palin or Santorum.  in no particular order.  Others would choose fewer plus Paul.


Only reason I voted for him was SARAH. I wasn’t even going to vote until he picked her. I had voted in every election since the late 1960?s.


Good for Hannity, hammering Mc Cain.  Mc Cain off as so slimy.  He completely bought into the Obama narrative and talks about the great calamity to come if there is no agreement, and continues to blast the Tea Party.

Can someone fill me in on what the point of these could possibly be?  Who is paying for them – because obviously, this is a concerted campaign to promote something-or-other within the blog world.  And in that case, have I just furthered their (weird, secret) agenda by publishing their content???

Seriously – explain to me how blog spam works – the kind with keywords, not just links… because I totally don’t get it.

(p.s. as a non-United-Statesian, I have no idea what the balloon cartoon above could possibly mean!)